An examination of an online tutoring program’s impact on low-achieving middle school students’ math achievement

Old Dominion Study

...sponsored by Old Dominion University and the US Dept of Education.

The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of synchronous online tutoring service on struggling middle-school students' math achievement. The online tutoring was provided as a response to intervention (RTI) Tier 3 support (intensive, individualized intervention) in schools implementing a school-wide math program that addresses Tier 1 (high-quality classroom instruction) and Tier 2 (small group interventions).


Boost Your Students' Success

The findings suggest that the tutoring contributed to statistically significant gains in student assessment scores post-intervention.

The findings of this study suggest that well-designed and implemented synchronous online mathematics tutoring may be effective for students in high need settings who are struggling with mathematics. Our findings support the extant literature on online math tutoring and provide further evidence that the strategy can be successful in improving math achievement of underperforming middle school students when compared to their non-tutored peers.